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Technician's Notes

Service Tip, August 2013 

Ever wonder what REALLY gets done when you bring your machine in for service?  Besides the charge?

OK……When your machine comes in, we install a new needle and sew on the machine to get an idea of what might need attention. It’s then disassembled down to what’s called the skeleton.  All the covers are now off, and we can see all the lint and gummed up oil inside.

The mechanism is then cleaned, using a combination of compressed air, solvents, cleaning cloths and elbow grease. The moving parts are then oiled with the proper oil or grease per the manufacturer’s specifications.  There are 50 to100 individual oil or grease points in a typical machine.  (99% not available to the customer!)

We then check off a long list of adjustment specs from the manufacturer, changing settings as required.  It’s a rare event indeed if all the adjustments are right on. All the covers are then cleaned and re-installed on the mechanism.

Your machine is then “sewn out”.  We do a final adjustment of the tensions, stitch balance, etc. based on the sewn stitch using a standard calibration thread both top and bottom.  The tensions are set so that on our test piece the bobbin thread won’t show on the top with a zigzag or satin stitch. That’s the base tension setting; you can always change it to your preference for the stitch and fabrics you are using.)

If your machine collects the information, we record the total stitches and reset the lubrication and service counters.  On some machines we can also record your name and address in a spot only available to a service person.  That’ll be handy if you’re mugged on the way to your service appointment and lose your machine!

OK, I confess; this is a recycled tip!  I’m asked these questions often enough to bear repeating, however, so this is not really an apology!  -----  Boone