Service Tip, November, 2013

Here’s a quick little gem for all you “front-loaders.”  If you don’t know who you are, that’s every machine that has access to the bobbin on the front of the machine, rather than on top, at the needle plate. 

We’re starting to see a large number of these machines with very loose bobbin tension.  That means a bad stitch and bobbin thread showing on the top of the stitch, where you don’t want it. The culprit is the little screw that controls the amount of bobbin tension.  If the screw gets even a little loose, it’s a problem.  It’s on the side of the bobbin case, pretty much in the center of the flat spring that the thread goes under when you thread the bobbin case. 

If you think you’re a victim of this situation, try turning that screw about one fourth of a turn clockwise, (the tightening direction).  You’ll need a very small screwdriver, like an eyeglass screwdriver to do this little chore.  Don’t tighten it all the way, just a bit; then try your stitch again. 

If you’re nervous about messing with it, bring your machine in, with the bobbin case, and we’ll adjust it for you.  There’s a charge for that service, but it’s usually a very small amount, and we can probably do it while you wait.